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The stage has always a great fascination. Whether it's comedy or drama, opera or symphony, ballet or concert, it releases a lot of energy when spectators enter into symbiosis with the emotions arising on stage.

This isn't my premise to write an essay on the theater. i wish to express a fundamental aspect of stage photography: the need to empathize with the messages that take shape on the stage, in which the actors are the intermediaries. The theater performances live from multiple elements that require interpretation by the photographer which bring in pictures what they see on stage. Each scene presents particular stage lights which, together with the flow of recitation, must be valorize.

Taking pictures in low light is not always easy: technically, the flash should never be taken into consideration, it disturbs and "destroys" the delicate atmosphere of the stage. For this reason I use fvery bright lenses .

The best time to take photos is during rehearsal, even better if it's the general one made before the show, where all the actors are in costume and the scenography is set up. In this way I can move at will in front of the stage and capture from the best angles the show.

If it's impossible and I find myself taking pictures during the performance with the pubblic, I try to be as unobtrusive as possible, minimizing the movement as not to disturb anyone and concentrating on taking pictures at the right time so as not to annoy with the click of the camera.

I’m available as stage photographer all over Italy or abroad, anywhere you want. Just contact me for more information and to request a service.

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