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Maternity & Babymoon

Maternity and BabyMoon photographer in Italy to create beautiful memories of your holidays. Based in Tuscany, Florence and Rome, available Worldwide.

The idea of my maternity photography came to me a few years ago, when a friend asked me to take pictures of his “round belly". Together we’ve thought of something different that could communicate with other words the relationship between the (future) mother and her intimate guest.

The smile is said to be the expression of the soul, and you laugh when you’re happy and have fun. For this reason the fun has been our main reading key to interpret the shots that we would have done.

Another essential aspect of these photos was the choice of a natural location, with open spaces, where you can move and freely (re)create your fantasies throughout spontaneity and authenticity. As a mom immersed inside a womb, that of mother nature.

You can “dress” the divertissement in a multitude of ways: every person, every mother in the course of life has built their own ways to express their joy, their own happiness. This is why I always ask the mothers in our preliminary dialogue, to think to themselves, to their character, to the objects of his childhood, to a game, a message they want to send to the his son so that you can recreate, with instinct and sympathy, within the images. When we’re on the “set”, the tap of imagination opens by itself and instead of doing the planned photos we create others!

Concretely, the photo sessions must to be relaxing. With your pregnancy, you’re already "climbing the Himalayas": I’ll not tire you with absurd requests, we postpone the photographic session if the fixed day you're tired or just you don’t feel for it. Your safety comes first!

It may be helpful if there’s another person. I usually recommend a friend with whom you have confidence and with whom you can talk and relax. It’s implied that if you want, the Father can come and participate! If necessary, my partner will be with us, she’s very good to entertain and lend a give help when needed.

The ideal time for shooting is the last trimester of gestation, in which the round belly is at its highest, although personally I prefer to avoid the last weeks before birth...for obvious reasons! Each session will be personalized, the total duration of the session will vary according to the place/chosen places, to the displacements or to the breaks you want to do when required. We can stay out an hour or two as half a day, or divide into two different days the photo shoots.

To the mothers who live the last months of their pregnancy in autumn and winter months, I can’t ask to lay bare the belly, maybe in the snow! Do not hesitate to contact me, we can tease the imagination by indoor shooting within the domestic hearth and the family.

The pictures will always be delivered on DVD or via online transfer. If you wish, we can choose together an album or photo book. Personally I use high quality made in italy handmade products.

I’m available as maternity and babymoon photographer all over Italy or abroad, anywhere you want. For any other info, I'm here, ask me.

And here're the photos, take a look at the galleries!

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