Funny and sporty beach Wedding on Elba Island - Sebastian D. Bonacchi Photographer

Funny and sporty beach Wedding on Elba Island

Story of a funny and sporty beach wedding on the Tuscan Island of Elba.

Seeing the cover photo, one wonders if we are talking about a wedding. The answer is yes, without any doubt!

VALENTINA & ANDREA decided to say "Yes" outside of any schemes: as skilled underwater rugby players they couldn't follow the traditional game plan. I'll telegraph: "Elba island, end of September, lodging in camping bungalow on the beach in Lido di Capoliveri, arrival to Capoliveri by bus, the run of the Bride to go up in extremis on the bus, ceremony in town hall, relaxing walk through the historic center, beach party organized by the restaurant Baia del Sole in Lido di Capoliveri from the afternoon util late night".

I too have worked in an alternative way: it's doesn't happen every day to photograph directly into the sea, in swimwear and GoPro!

For shooting I had the pleasure of collaborating together with the photographers Costanza Maremmi and his partner Alessandro Pagni, who on this occasion was the best man. You'll find their photos on their respective sites.


Photography: Sebastian David Bonacchi, Costanza Maremmi, Alessandro Pagni || Civil Ceremony: Capoliveri Town Hall || Reception: Ristorante Baia del Sole

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