Family photography in Rome - Sebastian D. Bonacchi Photographer

A day in Rome along with a family

One day together with a family in Rome told in photos, outdoor and indoor shooting, including some nice maternity pictures

SERENA & LUIGI & MATTEO & RICCARDO. Riccardo, for now, can be glimpsed :-)

Four names that come together in a beautiful family. I had the pleasure to spend with them a beautiful late winter day, telling in pictures one day of their lives.

We started with a walk at  the Janiculum Hill, which offers one of the most amazing views of Rome. After seeing - and above all heard! - the cannon shot that punctually resounds at noon over the city, we came home to refresh ourselves with a delicious lunch. In the afternoon, while Matteo was sleeping in the arms of Morpheus, we continued to play in front of the lens.

Here are some of the most lovely moments.


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