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Family Photography

Family photographer in Italy to create beautiful memories of your holidays. Based in Tuscany, Florence and Rome, available Worldwide.

My Family Photography is a shooting session in which I'll show in pictures the uniqueness of your family. And with family I don't mean only the parents and children: with the whole family - children, grandparents, great-grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends - or with the presence of a single parent, the idea at the basis is precisely the desire to tell about you, in your being united and bound by deep feelings.

There is no fixed rule, there is no standard setting for taking family pictures, each time that we will program a family photo session I'll build it around you, about who you are and what aspects of yourself you would like to show in photography.

Spontaneity, playfulness, thoughtlessness are the principles that underlie all my service, and not only with regard to the family photography. Of primary importance is the feeling that will be established between you and me: I'll help you get comfortable in front of the camera., but if I'm seen only as a stranger who takes picture for a fee, the end result will suffer in naturalness. I tell you this because I like to speak out openly.

We will choose together the shooting location during your vacation in Italy: immersed in the beautiful Italian countryside among olive groves and vineyards or while walking in a romantic medieval city, while you take a swim in the sea or a picnic at the top of a mountain...the only limit is imagination!

A service normally takes 2-3 hours, but as I said, we can customize it according to your wishes and requirements. The digital files will always be delivered via online transfer or DVD. If you wish, we can choose together an album or photo book to print the photos. Personally I use high quality made in italy handmade products. I’m available all over Italy or abroad, anywhere you want, for a destination family photography session.

To get an idea about my family photography, take a look to the gallery that you find below.

For any other info, I'm here, just ask!

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