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sebastian david bonacchi photographer biography

Parque das Nações, Lisbon, Portugal

Do you know a child who always goes around with a camera in his hand, snapping pictures of anything he sees around? That was me!

When I was a child, the first photo I took was to a vanessa atalanta. A butterfly. In the picture, it was a small colored dot in the green grass. Sometimes, when I get back in that garden, she comes to greet me and we chat talking about this and that like two old friends at the bar. And if she asks me, we take a picture together :-)

Everyone chooses a means to understand, frame, make sense of what surrounds him, and mine has always been the viewfinder of the camera. The visual medium of photography has always intrigued me, until it became concrete in the early years of this century, when I met a photographer who introduced me to this world from the professional perspective. I’ve studied, and continue to study, photography by integrating my knowledge from the technical/expressive perspective, without neglecting the cultural aspect, especially aimed to visual anthropology, known in my university days. It's not just a job, it's a passion and a medium to study how to understand what I see.

Photographically speaking I was born with film, and although now reigns digital, I still shoot like if I did it with film, disabling any automatism except the brain. The efford that I do every time I pick up a camera is to press the shutter release as if it were the first time. For me, feeling arrived is the first symptom of someone who has nothing more to say.

Now the less serious info, the personal data! My name, you know it. Born in Florence, 50% Italian + 50% German [Ja, natürlich, ich kann auch DEUTSCH sprechen!], I live between Montemurlo (close to Florence), Rome and Berlin. What do I like? Being active with body and mind, travel, cook, laugh and obviously underwater rugby. How I live? I try to be open-minded and always ready to (re)learn new things. With whom I get along? With people who aren't afraid to show themselves and who don't judge before knowing. Who can't I stand? False and close-minded people, that look at you with superiority.

sebastian david bonacchi photographer biography

Lido di Capoliveri, Elba Island. At work during this wedding.

Would you like to tell me your story? I'll be happy to chat with you!

Me when I was a child :-)

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