"Dancing" Beach Wedding Story from Elba Island - Sebastian D. Bonacchi Photographer

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Love on the Rocks: this is the mood that PAOLA & CARLO have chosen for their beach wedding. And it has been, an amazing "rocky" party: music flows, plenty of dances and fun&fun&fun at the beach, on the sea and into the sea! Conditions in which - photographically - I exalt!

We are in Lacona, fraction of Capoliveri on the Island of Elba, in Tuscany. It begins in the morning at Katabasis home, a school of apnea of ​​which Paolo is the founder. Along with Carlo and other guests, I meet one of the most important personalities of Elba Island, one of its mascot: Bostik, "Plutoide Elbano a Pelo Raso" which represented, in my imagination, the 4-legged personification of the Big Lebowskisavoir-faire.

Later, we move a few meters to meet Paola who is getting ready along with a small group of guests at the Hotel Capo Sud, overlooking the beautiful beach of Margidore. Here, after the ceremony, will take place all the rest of the wedding day.

After the civil ceremony, held in the town of Capoliveri, it begins to warm up the engines: next appointment a toast on the sea. While the guests return to Margidore beach to board two boats, we accompany Paola and Carlo at Porto Azzurro where they will go up on a boat. We return to the Margidore beach where I get on a boat together with the guests.

In the middle of the gulf we expect the newlyweds, that soon arrive and...take a look at the photos, better than words!

Back to shore, we move to the hotel restaurant where the party comes to life with dancing, excellent seafood menu, swims and underwater battles in the sea, relax on the beach...

And now, no more words, dive into the pictures!

Enjoy :-)

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